Hey guys,hope you all are doing good.Men these days are obssessed with shoes as much women are. But sometimes they are just obssessed with the wrong kind of footwear.Sneaker-heads have been around since the eighties and plenty of men religiously buy these pairs from brands like VANS SHOES (OFF THE WALL) as if they were part of some exclusive club. The only thing that separated us from our female counter parts was we just had no variety or imagination.But these days the tide is changing. Men across the world are becoming more and more obsessed with shoes in all the myriad of options now available to us, that I might even be so bold as to say we’re more obsessed than women are. Or, at least, I am. Bringing you a gist of what exactly I am trying to prove by making the above statement is my highlighting product for today.I am wearing these very creative pair of sneaker-heads which have a fashion illustration of our all time favorite rockband THE BEATLES.I woud suggest you’ll to buy these comfortable pair of sneakers during this EOSS as they won’t mostly burn a hole in your pockets.


  • Shoes: VANS
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