Hello my lovely people!!!! Quick aside, you don’t have to care about colour. Wear last season’s shade of russet and it’s only a certain kind of fashion snob who’ll roll their eyes. Beyond the obvious go bright when it’s warm, dark when it’s not – if you stick to shades that suit your skin and which don’t clash, you’re golden (which is, incidentally, one of AW16’s biggest colour trends).That said, a tweak to your colour wheel is the easiest way to light up dull outfits. Not keen on wide-leg trousers? Think track tops and joggers should stay in the gym? Then let tone be the trick that refreshes your wardrobe. You needn’t toss those slim-fit suits, when an emerald tie makes last season’s silhouette look oh so AW16.And since men feel the need to reflect grey skies in their looks, you don’t have to go all MC Hammer to make your shades stand out. Against a dark backdrop, even ruby shines.

Digging in; here are a few shades to be considered , this A/W16:

1.Copper :Pick either 1970s shade, or 1970s style. Copper, corduroy flares are best left for fancy dress. The colour is this season’s “new neutral”, according to a leading trend forecaster site. Which means it works with winter’s default tones: black, navy, grey, white. It’s perhaps best in outerwear, especially made of wool, which gives the shade extra depth. Consider it a bolder spin on the camel coat.

2.Spruce: Wherever you’d go green, go spruce. Leathers and silks take the shade particularly well, its blues accentuated by shimmer. But being a mix of green and blue, it also lends itself to more utilitarian garb a punchier spin on the shacket, say, or even detailing on a graphic sweat. As so often in menswear, if in doubt, go military: this season, it’s the civvy street way to wear slimline cargo trousers, bomber jackets and overcoats.

3.Ruby: Jewel tones marry beautifully with earthy hues,” says Braun. It’s a shade at the brighter end of winter’s spectrum, so if colour shy, keep it to accessories; a belt, a pocket square, even the subordinate shade on a shirt But you can use ruby to make a statement, says Braun: “The camel overcoat is back in a big way for autumn/winter. Bring it to life with an emerald green or ruby sweatshirt, or chunky knit, layered over an Oxford shirt.”

  1. Tobacco: It takes a special kind of swagger to go full-neutral. Unless you can carry it off with confidence, stick to the one-piece rule. It’s equal parts street style and runway, which means it plays well on everything from hoodies, if you’re not colour confident, to suiting, should your self-assurance rival.
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