Here’s Why The New Dzire Has Quickly Become The Car Of Choice

If you’ve been seeing the New Dzire all around you, you’re not imagining it! The car launched in May 2017, has become India’s fastest selling one within a short span of 6 months since its launch. The Indian market has snapped up over a lakh of these authentic sedans, so much so, there’s a three month waiting period before you can get yourself one.


To celebrate the occasion Maruti Suzuki sent the New Dzires on a road trip along India’s grand coastline– The #DzireCoastalTrail. The cars hurtled past the scenic beauty of the country’s coastline all the while allowing its drivers to collect memories for a lifetime.

The sedans began from Kanyakumari – the southern tip of India. While one of them travelled
through the west coast, the other covered the east coast covering Rameshwaram, Puducherry,
Chennai, Mangalore, Goa, Ratnagiri, Daman etc.
Travelling across the periphery of the country cannot be a complete experience without a visit to the
famous beaches and temples. The publications travelled through some well-known monuments
while relishing on the local cuisine before ending their journey.


The New Dzire comes with an AGS system or simply put, automatic transmission to make those long trips just that much more comfortable. Its Smartplay Infotainment System not only adds to the music listening experience but its smart navigation system makes travelling India’s crowded landscape pure bliss. It has ample cabin room allowing passengers to enjoy a pleasurable drive and the driver the luxury of space.


The New Dzire is making its mark on the Indian roads, what about you?


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