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Hello lovely people! The main reason for upholding a skincare routine is because, ultimately, we want to look our best. In our day to day lives, we often come across various instances where the pollution takes a toll on us. Be it traveling outside in public transportation – buses, trains, etc. makes your face look dirty, sweaty and oily. And the first impression totally matters – be it a date or an important interview – you don’t really want to go with your face looking dirty. As you will have read many times on these pages, products like face washes and moisturisers play a vital part in promoting healthy looking skin.

Similarly, this hero HE ON THE GO WATERLESS MENS FACEWASH is your best friend when it comes to keeping your face up-to-date as you are busy with your daily chores and routine especially during summer. The best part about this? Extremely easy use! The fact that the face wash is waterless, I can use it anytime anywhere! It’s my go to for a clean and fresh face. I generally shuffle from photoshoots to meetings day in and day out and the all new HE waterless face wash helps me to have a clear and fresh face. This with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Minerals from Marine Extracts, this revolutionary product helps skin appear Cleaner, Fresher & Brighter. Available in two sizes; 20gms and 50gms priced at INR 35 & INR 85 respectively.
A guide of how to use:
1. Take a pea size amount of product and apply evenly on the face.
2. Wipe it off with a tissue & you are good to go.

Isn’t #HEONTHEGO the perfect summer pick? Especially for a summer like one in Mumbai. Unpredictably humid!

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