Hey guys, hope you all are doing good. Well after a tiring festive season, it’s time to get our asses back to our office desks. Since it’s been long after our first video that I have been behind the film camera now; I decide to make a video with one of my most favourite footwear brand; Vans India, when they gifted me these very awesome Camo-Polka Suede’s from the current collection. Now let’s elaborate a bit on menswear footwear.

Menswear is no longer afraid of pattern and colour; it fully embraces it in every department, including footwear. Suede’s are experiencing a renaissance, slip-ons are trending this year. In short, and a good pair of suede’s are a modern must-own, no matter what guise, shape or form you opt for. Your choice of colour and/or print is the only real consideration, yet it’s not something we can answer for you – let taste and personal style dictate. That said, here are some general guidelines to bear in mind:

Camo-Polka patterns refuse to go away and, against all odds, have cemented themselves as perennial print trends over recent years. So if you’re searching for a trend-led pair that will stay in vogue for many seasons to come, both of these motifs are safe bets. Textured pairs like the ones I am wearing in the above video are far less obnoxious than all-leather versions (due to the matte effect of suede) yet still offer a welcome injection of colour while keeping things mature and refined.

So, in this season, if you are thinking of playing it smart as well as safe, go opt for these very cool suede’s from their current collection; also, tell me how you like the video by commenting below.

Happy Feet!

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