Hey guys, Well being a men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger now  I have been one among the many who are addicted to the daily and monthly print dosages of fashion. I love to get updated about the ongoing and upcoming trends around the world of fashion and if I am not wrong; there is no better medium than the prints, to do the same. I merely discovered my love for fashion since my early growing age and that is the only thing solely which dragged me and made me what I am today. Being into men’s fashion world and not having the GQ MAGAZINE as your inspiration is a very rare thing.

Like every other fashion and social freak; it was my dream too; to get featured in GQ India someday. But I wasn’t knowing that this dream would come to life this sooner. Our very well known brand LOUIS PHILIPPE came up with this online voting contest named “THE STYLE LEAGUE” which said that it was a hunt for the six of India’s Real Best Dressed Men in India and the one who wins gets a chance to be featured in GQ. Many fashionista’s around the country participated. People voted and I along with other five gents won this contest. It was an overwhelming experience as I am deeply humbled with the love and support you guys have bestowed upon me by voting for me and making me win. I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for it. It is June and finally the time I am on the stands across the country. So go grab a copy and look for a similar face to mine. Well; they say Never Stop Dreaming; so the next dream to achieve; GQ cover story; hell yeah.

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