Few accessories have the ability to ruin outfit quicker than an awful hat – especially the fedora or the trilby. There are two prerequisites for wearing a hat; serious self belief or a high quality well made design. Neither is enough on their own , but there is just no getting away from cheap, poorly constructed headwear; the difference is eye wateringly noticeable. Similarly if you haven’t got the confidence to don that handmade Italian fedora then you will simply struggle to fake it. Wear it with pride, on the other hand, and it will instantly bring an adventurous , rakish touch to any of your ensembles. Bringing you a broader view of my thoughts is my look for today . I am wearing a White Layered Patterned Shirt which I decided to compliment it with Navy Blue Embroidered Pants. On my head is this Exaggerated Wide Brimmed Hat . On my feet are these good pair of Slip On Sneakers. Adding to the accessorized hat; are a few Wristbands on my wrist and a Bowtie around my neck.


  • Shirt : Zara Spring Summer 2014
  • Trousers : Zara Spring Summer 2014
  • Sneakers : Clarks
  • Bow-tie : ASOS
  • Wristbands : Aldo and Colaba
  • Hat : Forever 21
  • Sunglasses : Ray-Ban
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