Hello my lovely people!!! The bard’s nailed it yet again, codpieces notwithstanding. Because even though the arrival of winter ushers in a period of shortening days, plummeting temperatures and cracked lips, it also presents an opportunity to flex your winter wardrobe muscles. In these cruel climes; we’re told it’s a case of the more cold-deflecting clobber, the merrier. But we’d like to put forth the case that less, in fact, is more. Truth be told, with just a few well-chosen items, your winter wardrobe can be transformed into a revolving carousel of looks and outfits to suit every eventuality under the sun (or the driving sleet, for that matter). The streetwear staple that broke free of its sporting roots (not to mention the clutches of David Cameron, whose reign it long outlived), the dress shirt is a smart-casual stalwart that can be deployed in the winter months to great effect. A lighter weight style works well when dressed up  underneath a woollen overcoat for a slightly nineties sheen or dressed down under a leather or denim jacket, teamed with a good-quality cotton shirt with tapered jeans. Zipped numbers are particularly useful for layering, while the oft overlooked half-zip variant can add a collegiate slouch to a floralish shirt. Hope you guys loved this vintage yet sheek look created by me for www.jackjones.com

WARDROBE COURTESY: www.jackjones.com

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