Hello lovely people!! There comes a point in every man’s life when he stands in the aisles (and aisles, and aisles) of grooming products, squinting at the label on a mysterious bottle of fluid, with furrowed eyebrows and thinking ‘But what are exfoliating, anti-pore clogging micro-bubbles?’Male grooming is a burgeoning industry and cosmetics brands are churning out all manner of confusing lotions, potions and tools at machine gun pace in a bid to entice us to part with our hard-earned. The problem is, some of it is about as much use as an inflatable dartboard. Some, but not all.The key is in knowing the handful of products you’d normally ignore, but which offer benefits that’ll see you looking your best; without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Earlier this month; I got an opportunity to travel to London as the official digital influencer from India to cover the London Fashion week Mens,SS18. I also was privileged to have Truefitt & Hill, London as my grooming partner, all through fashion week. Truefitt & Hill is one such brand which have maintained the ethics of their services not only in India but worldwide too. If you guys are in and around London; you guys should definitely give this outlet a try. You guys will love the services as much as I did!


Services offered:

Royal Shave/Trim

Hair Styling

Location Courtesy: Truefitt & Hill, London


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