Hello my lovely people!!! Over the course of the past few years, the penchant for men for a full beard has grown from barely there to boldly uncompromising collectively. The quintessential designer stubble look has evolved slowly but surely to the point where a densely forested face worthy of a Spartan warrior is now perfectly socially acceptable – nay desirable – all the way from Leonardo  Dicaprio to David Beckham.
As with all things fashionable though, the beard’s bubble could burst anytime with barbershops across Mumbai noticing a marked decline; All thanks to the awesome trimmers by Philips in the market now. “Most men are now veering towards a clean shave, while those who are choosing to keep the beard are instead opting for a shorter, much more groomed style.” Today I would like to bring some light on the Philips ProSkin Advanced Trimmer. Extremely easy to use; this trimmer is fully waterproof and has a quickrinse hair chamber. It has an extremely fast rechargeable battery. Philips never refrains from taking extra care of their consumers. Brownie points to the cleaning brush and the protective cap to make cleaning the trimmer post use a child’s play. He is got the Style definitely recommends you all to go and try this range by Philips India.

Style your beard the way you want with the Philips BeardTrimmer Series 3000. It enables you to control your look and choose from a wide array of styles, made possible with the plethora of settings it offers. It provides precision like none other and allows close shaving as short as 0.5mm and can go up to a serious grunge look at a 10mm.  Comfortable and safe with titanium covered blades, non-scratching teeth and an easy ergonomic grip, it offers easy and convenient styling made possible with 20 length settings. Extremely travel friendly, its rechargeable battery offers a run time of up to 90 minutes, and is extremely easy to clean with washable attachments. So go ahead, get the perfect look at the touch of a dial, anywhere in minutes!

Product highlights:

  • 0.5 mm precision
  • Easy and convenient styling made possible with 20 length settings
  • Comfortable and safe with titanium covered blades,  non-scratching teeth and an easy ergonomic grip
  • 2 years of worldwide guarantee
  • Chargeable battery with a running time of up to 90 minutes, with a battery charge indicator
  • Easy to clean with washable attachments
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