GQ-Trend-Report-1-1 GQ-Trend-Report-1-2 GQ-Trend-Report-1-3 GQ-Trend-Report-1-4 GQ-Trend-Report-1-5 GQ-Trend-Report-1-6 GQ-Trend-Report-1-7 GQ-Trend-Report-1-8Hello my lovely people!! Derived from last fall/winter, this time too; the color grey has been setting trends all over the fashion globe, especially with a wider range of hues and patterns available. Today we are going to talk about three different pieces /outfits in the shade grey which have managed to turn heads and inspire wardrobes. A well-cut suit has long been the choice for men making bold moves in the boardroom, and it’s easy to see why: a good grey suit works double duty, flattering your physique (broadening your shoulders and nipping you in at the waist) ; provided you get it right ,communicating desirable traits, like attention to detail and confidence. Hardly surprising, but fit is the key. Any old nine-to-fiver can pick up a grey suit on their lunch break, but ensuring your suit fits you perfectly is what will give you the competitive advantage. If you opt for a traditional two-button, single-breasted off-the-peg version, an easy way to see if you’ve secured the right fit is to check that the top button is aligned above your naval. Since its fall, an over-layered greyish-black trench coat does wonders to the winter feel of the outfit. Second inspiration would be a same-same yet different kind of situation where we have opted for a charcoal darker version of a double breasted grey suit. Fashion often swings like a pendulum: what was once hot or in vogue will, inevitably, swing back out again. The menswear pendulum has swung back over to the non-shiny side ; the matte suit, if you will ;and the ultimate version has to be one in grey. A double breasted suit never refrains from letting you down in terms of trendsetting and if its grey, you know how its all worth it then. Thirdly, we have one such key piece in hand which is quite an innovation this fall/winter. Its none other than the matte flannel grey jacket with interior sweatshirt. Made from wool, flannel is a soft woven material brushed to create extra softness. The brushing process uses a fine metal brush, which rubs the fabric to create fine fibres from the loosely spun yarns. Typical for winter, this piece not only creates a casual style statement but also helps you beat the cold smartly. So which trend are you opting for this fall/winter? Comment below and tell us how you like it. Also, don’t forget to subscribe the to to keep yourself updated with the current trends and pieces this fall/winter.


  • MAKE UP AND HAIR BY: Prasad S.
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