My go-to tips on winter layering:


In keeping with the fabulous start to 2017, I’ve been announced as a style expert on Flipkart! With autumn on its last legs and winter starting to make its icy presence felt, staying warm becomes top priority. Thus I’ve picked leather jackets as an essential trend for you to try this season. And don’t you worry; all the jackets in my store are under Rs.999.

Since, not every man can, or wants to, spend upwards of a grand on the likes of Schott, Diesel or Saint Laurent, Flipkart now is offering top-grade hides without expecting you to swallow their hefty marketing costs. You can check the jackets out here: 


The leather jacket is a true menswear classic that will help add an edge to any personal style. You may not be remotely punk or rock in your persona but, as shown above, this silhouette is extremely versatile and isn’t defined by its past associations. So, whether you’re a ‘shirt and tie’ kind of guy, or prefer a more casual approach to dressing, there is room in any wardrobe for a timeless leather jacket.


Coming to our look for today; part skate, part street, this fail-safe mash-up offers all of the comfort of casualwear but doesn’t make you look like you’ve stumbled out of the house in search of a pint of milk. Start with a well-fitting crew neck tee or shirt, and then build up with a heavier, cold-weather shirt – twill, flannel, Oxford and denim styles all fit the bill – worn open. Don’t try to repurpose your nine-to-five button-downs here: cotton dress shirts are too fine and fitted for this job.


Trapping heat is essential, but get excessive with your layers and you’ll be sweating like a Volkswagen executive during a diesel emissions test. So make sure to go step-by-step and not end up as a bulky, sweaty ball of mismatch.


Until next time, Sarang

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