Hello my lovely people!!! Philips India, the brand that has been driving the way India styles itself, is now set to take its mission to the next level.

With the intent of empowering the youth to express themselves freely through their personal style, Philips has created brand new categories in the market including beard trimming, and body grooming for men, depilation for women and many more. It is now leading the change from manual to electric shaving-a faster, easier and more skin-friendly way of shaving for the modern man. To further encourage men to adopt the ‘new way of shaving’, Philips India a few days announced Varun Dhawan, a popular Bollywood actor and country’s heartthrob, as the brand ambassador for its Shaving category. Varun Dhawan helped to explain the transition to the ‘new way of shaving’, to support which, he unveiled a new electric shaving wizard Philips AquaTouch  Wet and Dry Electric Shaver, which protects skin 10 times better versus a regular blade while giving a refreshing shaving experience. Varun will play a pivotal ro

le in the brand and product communication across media platforms. Philips India will continue to focus on its trimming and body grooming business as well, with Bollywood Style icon Arjun Kapoor as the brand ambassador, while further strengthening the Shaving business with Varun Dhawan’s endorsement. With the introduction of Varun Dhawan, Philips India’s Personal Care business will now have 3 strong faces representing different product categories. Arjun Kapoor, who represents the young, cool, casual Indian, and will endorse the Trimming and body grooming business, Varun Dhawan, who represents the more mature modern man conscious about his grooming, yet concerned about his skin, will endorse the Shaving range. Alia Bhatt, who represents the young woman of today who wants the power to be ready for all occasions in her own hands, will endorse the Beauty appliances range including haircare and depilation gadgets for Philips India. All in all it was a great experience to witness yet another revolution unveiled by the heartrob of millions. I thank Philips for this opportunity!   Happy Grooming!

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