Hello my lovely people!!! They say time waits for no man. And as any man who’s slept through five iPhone alarms and faced the near-impossible challenge of finding something appropriate to wear in 30 seconds (that’s me sometimes btw) will tell you, they’re not wrong. But there are ways to minimise the time spent blankly staring into the wardrobe in the morning, as if waiting for a robot wardrobe stylist to style invention to any second now  kick into action and clothe you. You’re already half an hour late, so what’s another few minutes? Whatever you do, don’t panic. Losing your chill because you’re late or think you’ve got nothing to wear definitely won’t expedite the process.Whether you’re against the clock, or just can’t muster anything that looks vaguely decent staring back at you in the mirror, here’s an OOTD inspiration to styling it out when you’re stumped. You’re already half an hour late, so what’s another few minutes?  Running late is directly proportionate to opt for basics. I am wearing this wide striped t-shirt, layered with a cool denim jacket and paired with a comfy pair of jeans. Accessorizing the look smartly, is a watch, the neck tie and sunglasses. On my feet, are these comfy pair of sneakers.


  • T-shirt: Koovs
  • Denim jacket: Gap
  • Denim: Pepe Jeans customized denim studio
  • Watch: Nautica
  • Neck tie & shoes: Primark
  • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
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