Hello lovely people !! Although we all strive for it, individuality is hard to come by – especially within menswear. Whilst women have the run of hundreds of high street stores and independent retailers, vast seasonal collections and a much more developed blogosphere, we men are stuck with a small number of quality brands and not much else.So when it comes to injecting that little something extra that will set our style apart from the crowd, we should make the most of every opportunity offered to us (as long as it suits our purposes, of course). The (faux) fur/borg collar jacket is just one of the items on the current market that could help elevate your look. We should all be familiar with traditional autumn outerwear: bombers, denim jackets, Harringtons, cropped pea coats, macs and the like, but most of these are ten a penny and really don’t make for an obvious statement.Whilst you might not think that adding a fluffy collar is particularly daring, you’ll be surprised at just how much of difference it can make mostly because it’s unexpected. Bombers and denim jackets have become modern wardrobe staples, but the fur collar is a subtle piece of detailing which we aren’t too familiar with, and that will make a big impression.These type of jackets also suit the more rugged, masculine styles that are currently being pushed by designers ; a kind of heritage/workerwear hybrid that blends classic, hard wearing fabrics with contemporary cuts.Try integrating one into an Americana, outdoors or military-inspired ensemble, or even a more casual and edgy rockabilly look. Whether you opt for a shearling lined or faux fur collar, they will add a luxe touch and tactile element that helps elevate the whole outfit instantly.



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