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Hello my lovely people!!! On today’s menu; I have yet another brand which specializes in 100% cotton shirts. The Strawlous Man is the epitome of classic masculinity but at the same time has a taste for quirky fashion and an eye for detail. Smart, successful and driven, He appreciates the finer things in life and is unapologetic in his pursuit of them. This attitude in turn is what drives the Strawlous brand philosophy. They aim for perfection and are not afraid to do whatever it takes to achieve it. The garments are classic casual shirts aimed at the 23 to 35 year old male demographic. With extensive experience in the export market since over 30 years, they bring a definite European sensibility to the clothes which the New Age Indian consumer aspires to. Borrowing from the sartorial influences of global brands like SCOTCH & SODA, TOPMAN and BARBOUR, Strawlous is defined by a curious amalgamation of a quality garment that is both edgy and fashion forward. The Strawlous collection consists of 100% cotton casual and semi formal shirts in yarn dyed checks and stripes in a variety of fabrics such as twill, dobby, plain, herringbone, poplin and jacquard weaves in 40s,50s and 60s counts. Elaborating the blogpost, In the first look; I am wearing a short sleeve loose shirt since its summer and we do not like sweating at all; Also I am wearing a ganji inside which is one good trick to keep the sweat away from dripping down from your upper body. Pairing the shirt up are my casual denim shorts to keep it cool this summer. In the second variation; I am wearing this printed cotton shirt from their SUMMER range layered with a light weighted jacket and paired with these super comfy sweatpants. Setting a trend alert are my sunglasses and this cap on my head which is my current obsession. On my feet are this very cool leather sandals which is an ongoing international trend this SPRING SUMMER ’15.



GET THEM NOW: http://www.koovs.com/men/shirts-651/brand-strawlous

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