Hey guys, hope you all are doing good.  Well we are glad to announce our first video for the New Year bringing to you the three different ways in which you can layer your leather jacket with, this A/W 2014-2015.

Firstly, since many of you hesitate a bit to wear a Leather Jacket to office, here’s a mantra to play it safe yet smart with it. Since it’s an office going inspired look; I am wearing a White Shirt, layering it up with a Cardigan on which I have the leather jacket paired with a patent Stripped Formal Trouser. Keeping it smart at accessories; I have an Ivy Cap on my head, Tie around my neck, Hand gloves in my hand and an Office Bag. Keeping it classy are these pair of sunglasses on me. On my feet, are my boots I picked almost a month back. The second look is more of a casual look. I am wearing a Printed Tshirt layered with the leather jacket and paired with a DIY Ripped Jeans. Accessorizing the overall look is a Monkey Cap, a pair of Glasses and an Envelope Bag. On my feet, are a pair of Casual Shoes. Thirdly, I decided to go a bit bold by featuring a street punk inspiration. I am wearing a Printed T-shirt layered with the leather jacket and paired with a Ripped Jeans. Around my waist is a Checkard Shirt. Keeping it minimal on accessories is a Wide Brimmed Hat on my head. On my feet are the same boots I am wearing for the first variation.

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