As the sun becomes warmer and the days become longer, there are a few summer essentials we never leave our house without. My favourite summer essential are sunglasses. Amidst the excessive travelling and constant exposure to the sun, a stylish pair of sunglasses is what comforts my eyes from the scorching heat.

The word stylish serves a purpose in the above statement as I happened to chance upon Emporio Armani’s Eyewear Collection, which echoes the eponymous fashion collections in a play of contrasts. Standing true to the elegance and panache that the Iconic brand is known for, the striking details in all the styles of the product from this collection surely lure you towards it.

Talking about the pieces that I’ve donned in this post, they flawlessly complement my outfits and provide a seamless transition from one look to another. The first model that I’m wearing is the EA 2056, a voguish unison of contemporary design with comfort and a lightweight feel. The contrasting metal frame sits comfortably on the face while the sleek double metal temples mount directly to the frame front . I love the details of the iconic eagle logo on top of the hinges of the glasses. The second model that I’m wearing is the EA2057, is what I mean when I say versatile. The ultra light frames, bridge and lenses sport geometric shapes, sharp cut edges and openwork cut-outs make this pair your finest pick.Juggling between work meetings and work lunches has now become exciting with this minimal yet modish accessory.
So go get yours today!




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  • Very amateurish blogpost with too much edited images. You have definitely changed your content writer. Please get the same one back. Its a suggestion. I feel you are just faking it.. just get back like before we liked you that way:) have also left a comment on your Benetton image. Plz. Consider suggestion.

  • You really gotta work on that English hun bun……..!


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