Hello my lovely people!!! One of the most popular topics on our blog is the new fashion follower asking for advice on the reinvention of their wardrobe. The demographic of these types of posts is pretty wide, but the question is always the same: where do I start?Luckily for these budding fashionistas, the HIGTS community is very responsive, friendly and, to my mind, helpful. Either through direct suggestions or referrals to various articles, assistance is always on hand. Yet after a quick browse through the archives, I realised that we didn’t have a simple round up of an inspirational outfit created out of the wardrobe basics ;something that identified the kind of pieces that would help build your new, stylish wardrobe.Now, I don’t agree with the principle of ‘essentials’. Nothing is ever essential, apart from air, water and food, so none of the below outfit will ever be referred to as essential  they are simply things that could help you on your way. I am wearing a printed half sleeve shirt paired with these comfortable pair of pants from www.jackjones.com For all you EOSS lovers out there; www.jackjones.com have some kickass pieces on sale! Go grab your favourites now!

WARDROBE COURTESY: www.jackjones.com

LOCATION COURTESY: www.phoenixmarketcity.com

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