Hello my lovely people!! Double denim has had to put up with a lot of stick. Yes, the number of public fashion crimes committed in its name is vast: girl band B*witched, Britney and Justin’s infamous ‘Canadian Tuxedos’ and, Danny from The Script seem to have totally destroyed its credibility with the look continuing to be ridiculed by the majority. After all, we’ve pardoned Mr Beckham of his (many) early faux pas and the denim ridden 1990s are currently trending within the industry, yet double denim is still to receive the same exoneration. Today we take the plunge and show you how to navigate the minefield that is this polarising look. We’ll explore and advocate ways to pull off double denim that help bring the aesthetic bang up to date and will ensure you don’t fall needlessly foul of a major fashion faux pas. The most successful way to wear double denim is to opt for contrasting shades. The polarised tones make it easier to pull off the look, with the differing washes drawing attention away from the similarity of the fabric.With this in mind, select a darker hue (bordering on black) for your jacket and couple with lighter wash jeans. Pairing a checkered shirt layered by denim jacket with jeans often works better than using a shirt, largely due to the fact that the proximity of a trouser and jacket combination can be broken up by another piece.

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