Hello my lovely people!! As much as fashion’s changing, there’s still one constant: trends. Sure, see-now, buy-now strategies (as adopted by big-money brands ) and the ever-expanding high street (and its ability to turn product from concept to reality in just a couple of weeks) might seem like forces killing off trends’ ‘bedding-in’ time, but the reality is, no matter how much product we’re flogged, no matter if it’s debuted on a runway or in a sponsored slot on a celebrity’s Instagram, trends will still stick – and nowhere more so than in menswear. Coming to today’s look; Made from wool, flannel is a soft woven material brushed to create extra softness. The brushing process uses a fine metal brush, which rubs the fabric to create fine fibres from the loosely spun yarns. Complimentarily ; a denim shirt goes best with it inside a flunnel jacket paired with chinos. Completing the look is my tie and a pair of sunglasses.

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