Hello lovely people!!Far from it, Ian. Indeed, for something so simple in its design, a scarf can be frustratingly difficult to wear. How to strike the balance between suffocatingly tight and so loose that your scarf snakes its way from your neck into a puddle?And how to ensure it doesn’t look, well, weird? You know, like a drama student, or a Eurodance DJ.To my mind, there is one failsafe ways to wear a scarf:

The Drape ( photoblog inspiration)

Take the scarf and drape it – from its middle – around the back of your neck so that each side hangs down on either side of your body. It’s not, admittedly, the best way of ensuring warmth, but it looks smart – especially when peeking from underneath the collar of an overcoat.


The smart-casual choice, the Parisian knot’s unfussiness is as good a fit with a suit as a jacket, jumper and jeans.Fold the scarf in half and then place it around the back of your neck. Once the scarf is doubled over, thread the loose ends of the scarf through the ‘hole’ on the other side. Then cinch until it’s tight enough to look neat (and not fall off) but not so tight that it looks like you’re trying to turn a noose into a fashion accessory.

The Wraparound

For ultimate snugness, simply wrap the scarf several times around your neck, rotating the mass of wrapped fabric in such a way that the scarf won’t easily unravel (that’s usually with the two ends draped evenly over your chest, by the way).




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