The Do’s and Don’ts of going White!


Hey guys!


As the reigning #FlipkartFashionExpert, I’m going to be tackling a very under estimated topic with this post: white pants!


You either love ‘em, or you hate ‘em. But you gotta know how to wear them! A lot of people generally avoid wearing white pants for the genuine fear of getting them dirty. Well, yes, white does get dirty faster. But that is no reason to avoid those pants. And if you’re worried about how to style those pants, here are some do’s and don’ts to remember:


The Do’s


Experiment with different coloured shoes – white pants are a great way to highlight your shoe game. If you want to go for boots, just turn up the pants.


Pair your pants with a solid shirt and jacket to give them a more formal look. This one works well for meetings, or an event.


If you’re going for casual, once again white pants would be a great choice. Just add a striped tee, or go for the ideal match – a navy, denim shirt, and you’re good to go!


The Don’ts


Don’t go for an all-white look, the white pants work best with colours thrown in.


Remember the occasion you’re wearing them for – on a rainy day or an outdoor event they won’t be the best choice. Unfortunately stains pop out on white pants, so keep them clean guys!


The thumb rule for all pants – buy ones that fit well – holds true here too. If you go for too skinny or baggy, you’ll lose the edge that the pants give you.


That being said, summer is almost here. Go for a printed cotton shirt with the pants and let your style quotient soar.



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