Hello my lovely people! JACK&JONES and Ranveer Singh have come together to create

magic, in the form of a unique and youthful musical collaboration. The rap song, themed

‘Don’t Hold Back’ brings alive the brand’s and his own raw personality – that has remained

unchanged and unhindered by environment and circumstances. The overall collection is

youthful,peppy and in your face. My favourite piece is this effortless t-shirt which speaks out

the slogan strongly with the loud print on it.FROM THE HORSES MOUTH: Don’t Hold Back” is

a strong message that I believe will resonate with the youth of the nation. It’s a message

that, I believe, echoes the vibe and attitude of our youth; follow your heart, and stop giving a

damn about “log kya kahenge”! I am grateful to JACK&JONES for giving me the opportunity

to share this bold message with all the young and fearless Indians out there! I have written

the lyrics and sung the rap myself, and I can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to the music



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