Hello my lovely people!! A denim jacket is never exactly on-trend. Sure, the last couple of seasons have seen its star shine brighter, designers riffing on its workwear history and outsider vibes. But it’s a piece that appears in wardrobes almost by default because it suits everyone. The cropped waist makes yours look narrower and shrugging one on over a white tee immediately turns your look 100 per cent more badass.The denim jacket is a practical beast, too. Cowboys loved them because denim deflects wind and rain, but it’s lightweight enough not to cook you when the sun comes out. It’s outerwear not built for biblical conditions – so won’t leave you looking like you’re prepping for the end of days – but it’s the holy grail piece in unpredictable weather.Storied fabrics offer lots of options. And denim’s tale is longer than most. Even as the denim jacket went premium, its rebelliousness endured. Its utility, too, which means yours will rank among the most versatile – and, therefore, worn – pieces in your wardrobe. Pick right and your jacket can be best friends with a shirt and tie, layered beneath an overcoat, or worn open over a muscle tee.Just make sure yours fits like a second skin, with a cropped waist and high armholes, cut from the most premium denim you can afford. As it breaks in, it moulds to the way your body moves. You’ll never own anything else that fits as well. Hope you guys loved this denim look of mine and don’t forget to incorporate it in your Autumn wardrobe!

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