As a savvy coffee consumer, I like all of you out there; know by now that a deep stack of feel-good adjectives like ‘shade-grown’, listed at the top of our coffee bag, may sometimes be deceiving. Some days, it’s just not enough to drink coffee, is it? After you’ve consumed your daily maximum, do you muse: if only there was a way to continue to think about, learn about, dream about coffee… Well , Yes ; being a caffeine addict I just love to sip and taste coffee from every next cafe niche’. I wasn’t a coffee person since my growing years but as I grew; socializing and interacting with new souls rightly meant meeting up at coffee junctions ; buying a cup and sitting for hours in some awesome one to one indulgences. So may it be a local very humble “Madras filter kaapi” or my very favorite” Double shot Espresso” from a famous cafe ; coffee will and always be the first thing I look out for or walk upto in my kitchen at home.

P.S. Dear Coffee, I love you.

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