Hello my lovely people!!As the premier Indian site offering designer and customizable cell phone cases, DailyObjects strives to raise the bar for product design & originality in the country. In an era where we are busy matching our phone covers to our outfits; Daily objects is one such brand that presents an array of products. DailyObjects is India’s only art and design focussed seller of personal accessories and home decor. DailyObjects is also India’s largest seller of smartphone cases. DailyObjects puts fresh, new and interesting art from around the world into the hands of discerning Indian consumers, in the form of smartphone cases for over a 140 models of smartphones, designer notebooks and framed wall art.DailyObjects finds incredible artists around the world and licenses their artwork to use on its products. Today, DailyObjects has curated India’s largest art collection of its kind; over 6000 works of art from nearly 75 artists, from 27 countries around the world and growing every week.In addition, DailyObjects has also started selling handcrafted leather goods like MacBook Sleeves, tote bags, mouse pads and more, under the label Handmade by DO.

PHONE CASE COURTESY: www.dailyobjects.com

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