Hello lovely people!They say you should invest in those things you’ll get the most wear out of. The best shirts you can afford. The plain black/ navy trench that goes with everything. Consider the cost-per-wear ratio, you’re told. Don’t part with any cash unless you can picture six outfits any new piece works in. And your coat, your biggest purchase of any season, should be sober enough to work with your entire wardrobe.The A/W runway made its statements through a bullhorn but, unless your commute features a photographer pit, your take on the trend can be quieter. Outerwear is normally so understated that it takes only small tweaks to turn subtle into something more noticeable. A statement coat only works if the rest of your look keeps quiet. Bold design features, print, pattern or colour do mean that you need to think about the rest of your outfit before throwing it on.  Whatever your jacket screams, pare it back in the rest of your look. Bed in pop colours with greys, blacks and whites, or ground pastels with earthy neutrals like stone and beige.If you’re sporting a large check, the same goes team with either a smaller check or plainer fabrics. Ultimately; I literally added a feather on the cap by pairing this look with a flatcap. Let me know how you liked this look of mine!



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