Hello my lovely people!! For many parts of your wardrobe, winter is the time to shine. We’re talking layering, reverse layering, chunky knits, and coats that mean business. A whole lot of ticks there, right? One minor notch in the “eh, not so good” column is footwear. Winter really does scupper you. You become beholden to the elements. You rely on your smartphone’s inefficient weather app like a newborn fawn does its mother. But, in the immortal words of Tony Soprano, don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t got options. Iconic American footwear and accessories brand Cole Haan, launched in India by Arvind Sports Lifestyle opened 2 stores in Mumbai most recently at Phoenix Market City Kurla and High Street Phoenix Lower Parel. Staying true to the love for the brand; I couldn’t resist myself but collaborate with them.And when it comes to men and shoes; Grey has, is and will always be every guy’s favourite hue. It on itself being an earthy colour; and in brogues is perfect for the upcoming fall season.

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