Hello my lovely people!! Telling stories through fashion is the best thing a fashionista can ever do. Similarly; United Colors of Benetton’s AW 16 COLLECTION potrays stories about how humans dress from Treviso to the rest of the world called ‘ CLOTHES FOR HUMANS’ The name encapsulates the brand’s repositioning in terms of strategy, identity and design. United Colors of Benetton produces products and collections for all kinds of activity and all states of mind, for both men and women who are captured in their day-to-day lives. The clothes are ranged in:
Dress up: smart chic for work and special occasions.
Dress down: laid-back style whenever you need it during the day.
Dress to move: functional apparel for active lifestyles.
The topics focused on are Where do witch’s hats come from? Why do boys wear blue and girls pink? How do you turn a hijab into a fashion accessory? Clothes for Humans resembles a “rest-of-world” fashion encyclopedia that studies clothes, accessories and clothing concepts from Tehran to Mexico City and London to Beijing, narrating where each piece comes from, its history, physical characteristics and most popular uses.Some stories touch on the injustices and opportunities that exist in the world we live in. Take the article on the haenyeo, for instance, a community of Korean women who face losing their livelihoods after decades of diving for shellfish off the island of Jeju. Or the one about a businessman in Lagos who, to make his daughter happy, designed and produced a range of dolls with black skin in traditional Nigerian dress.The Benetton magalog provides a way of communicating with consumers that goes beyond the simple presentation of individual products. Fashion becomes the channel of choice to talk about culture, work, the environment and all other forces acting on modern society. It’s the kind of approach the brand is famous for; United Colors of Benetton has always encouraged people to be curious and think for themselves when decoding the world around them. It was fun and an indeed pleasure to curate such an interesting photo diary for this fabulous brand. Hope you guys love watching the photo diary as much I loved curating it!



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