Hello lovely people! I’m going to be unapologetically specific for this article. Partly because many of you are students, and it is therefore relevant, and partly because students also seem to be some of the worse dressed people I have ever encountered.As my time at university came to an unfortunate close long back,I can take time to reflect on what I’ve learnt and how I, personally, have developed over the past years. But I can also watch those that follow take their first, faltering steps into the world and make astute judgements of their dress sense.Of course, I’m not THAT much of a fashion fascist ,I don’t walk around campus judging the clothes on everyone I see. But there does appear to be a discouraging trend among students at universities across the country to not really give a damn about how they look, or to have absolutely no clue as to what to wear.Granted, those just beginning their uni lives usually still have a lot of growing up to do (I did an awful lot of this) and their perception of style is still locked in a kind of twisted other dimension that contains just them and their friends but it doesn’t hurt to make some effort.Coming to our today’s blogpost; Jack and Jones spring/summer Tokyo collection focuses on College street style and how to look stylish yet cool. Go visit your nearest store and check it out.
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