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Hello lovely people!!As we get older, it gets harder to rebel.

Spray painting anti-war slogans seem messy; you can’t really function without that morning cup of coffee and your place of work sadly doesn’t include Mohawks as being appropriate.

So what’s the grown-up way, short of becoming a scientologist, to fight the establishment? Breaking style rules, of course. And Tata CLiQ is helping you do just that with the #BrandSlamSale offering authentic Indian and International brands at great discounts. So, here are some fashion rules which works out great when you break them. Because it feels good to be bad.


  1. Never layer hoodies under tailoring

Once upon a time, the only place you’d have worn a hoodie under a blazer was on your way to juvenile court. But now, hoodies and tailoring is a key high-low trend that combines all the comforts of the ultimate casual wardrobe hero with tailoring’s instant sprucing-up effect. It’s athleisure in its purest form.


  1. Never wear boots with a suit

Disregarding this rule not only looks cool, but is also practical – after all, there’s only so much you can put a pair of brogues through. Boots, however – particularly Chelsea, brogue and Derby silhouettes – retain all the dressiness of smart shoes but double down on element-deflection, meaning you dress the part without risking frostbites.


  1. Always accessorise modestly

Sometimes more is more. Equal parts bold and bohemian, heavily accessorised looks have recently been bowling their way through the runways of designers like Saint Laurent. Combinations of brash Western-style belt buckles, fedoras, lightweight scarves and big sunglasses are reverberating with rock ‘n’ roll spirit. And don’t let the fact that you can’t play an instrument put you off – most modern musicians can’t either.


  1. Don’t clash patterns

The breakout success of designs like African prints – inspired Dent de Man to put this archaic rule to bed. A staple name in street style, the East London label’s no-holds-barred approach to pattern – splicing bright florals with paisley and camo – really shouldn’t work, but it does.


  1. Never wear navy and black

Navy is great. Black is great. So it stands to reason that pairing the two is – haters take note – great. Like not wearing white after Labour Day, this is a rule that’s fast losing the relevance it once might have had.


  1. A tie always needs a suit jacket

Wear it closed over your shirt and tie and revel in the satisfaction of looking sharp without the stuffiness of a suit jacket.


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