Hey guys, hope you all are doing good. Well, this time I have decided to bring out the child in me by styling my little cousin boy as he is here over vacationing these days. Styling kids has always been my favorite genre. Hence, here’s bringing you one of my favorite inspiration for styling boys. The balancing act between the smart-casual divide is what can make this particular mode of attire an uphill battle. Too smart and you risking looking overdressed, too casual and you can appear sloppy in comparison to others. Conventional style wisdom does however argue that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Getting you a gist of these few lines is my look for today. Hence I picked up a Checkard Shirt; paired it up with a Typical Denim Jeans and layered it with a Casual Blazer. Around his neck; complimenting his F/W look is An Ascot. On his feet is his personal favorite Nike pair of sport shoes.

In this world, where innocence is fading at a sheer pace, it is very important to trust the curiosity of kids a bit. I think this and only this will help us move towards a shining future.


  • Checkard Shirt: Gini & Jony
  • Denim Jeans: Zara Kids
  • Blazer: Kids by Mango
  • Shoes : Nike
  • Ascot: Zara Kids
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