Hello my lovely people!!!! The inherent humidity of Bombay can in many ways make the season that little bit harder to dress for. With a dearth of options, in our autumn/winter wardrobes, a shacket or a hoodie with a pair of joggers is about as exciting as it gets for many of us when the mercury drops.This means it’s even more important that you get your colour combinations right. But which hues work best together? Should green really not be seen with blue? These are questions that continue to stump even the most stylish of men. This combination forms a core part of menswear’s proverbial DNA  who hasn’t at least once teamed a pair of brown shoes with a navy suit/blazer? Despite being a pretty timeless pairing, it’s currently enjoying extra attention under the spotlight due to some of the industry’s top designers utilising it in their collection. When styling their outfits, several designers went for the same approach: brown up top, and navy on the bottom. But today, I thought of giving it my touch and styling it the other way round. Splitting the colours like this creates a striking contrast, and offers an effortless way to pack some punch into an otherwise straightforward winter look. Hope you guys enjoyed this combination; let me know what is your call on it.

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