Hello my lovely people!!! As a general rule of thumb, print overkill is best avoided. If one component of your outfit features a vibrant print, it’s best to keep the rest of your look a plain and simple affair, so opt for clean-lined separates. One strong pattern is enough of a statement by itself. For those of a more daring disposition, clashing botanical prints can work; just make sure the prints contrast but complement each other by pairing motifs that differ either in tone or pattern, but not both. Whilst some of these looks may be a little too out there for the average Joe, it’s easy for the individual to interpret the trend in a way that will adhere to his own sartorial principles, whether that involves going the whole hog with a hibiscus print bomber, or taking a softer approach and donning a micro-print floral tie.

Ultimately, fashion is about expression and experimentation, it’s about raising the bar and pushing boundaries, and the rise of menswear florals illustrates this point seamlessly.

With such a great variety of bloom print apparels, it’s never been easier for the modern man to incorporate a bit of floral inspiration into his wardrobe. Whilst traditionally florals have been exclusively a spring/summer look, designers and brands are now catering to a cross-seasonal trend, offering muted, darker tones for winter that contrast with arrestingly bright summer patterns. It may seem obvious, but darker florals should be the choice for the winter months, whilst light and colourful prints should feature in your summer wardrobe. Coming to our two looks today, Jack and Jones India surprised me with the way they have put together; botanical beauties in the Spring/Summer collection. Coming to the bottoms, the Indigo Denim from their latest collection is a go to 24*7 bottom-wear for me at least.




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