Hello lovely people! The key to buying a good bag is knowing exactly what you want it to do in the first place. Need something to get your laptop to meetings in one piece? For those men that work in a corporate office, it’s easy to succumb to the norms of traditional business attire. From the dark suit to the briefcase, little has changed since smoking was permitted at desks.

Bags are big news (and not just the oversized holdalls that were all over AW17’s runways). But with prices equally inflated, developing a deep bag rotation is bad news for your bank balance. Instead, you need utility; invest in a bag that works everywhere, with any outfit, and that three-figure outlay seems less imposing.

Size Matters

The first thing to think about is size – how big does your bag need to be? Breakdown what you carry and how often you carry it. Do you lug a laptop around everyday? Think about a backpack with integrated laptop sleeve. Off to the gym? Make sure your bag can cope with your trainers and kit. But if you think objectively about other occasions where bags are essential, such as travelling, you’ll soon realise that size really does matter.

Be Materialistic

To most people luxury means a fabric like leather. And while it’s hard to deny that a leather bag has certain qualities, it also has some drawbacks. Leather bags will be heavy – you’ll need to factor in this extra weight in addition to everything else you’ll be carrying.

Form And Function

Before they were fashion accessories bags were a necessity – so keep practicality at the forefront of your mind when shopping. Like most accents, a bag can make or break an outfit. Choose a new bag like you would a new watch. If it’s expensive it can be a status symbol, but it must still do the job and work with your wardrobe.

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