Hello my lovely people!!!  As we all know, Ed Hardy design is edgy, and features a style that many would attribute to a rock style. The designs are unexpected and bold; this style has created a lasting impact on the market.Ed hardy paints dress often use some embroidery, washing and splash-ink skill, builds a decadent erosion, combine the written by the master in camellia, Ed hardy shirts, tiger, skeleton, devil, dagger and naked female tattoo pattern etc, creating a series of clothes. Another strong taste of (Oriental dragon and tiger), totem, tiger trading pins and squirrels belong to a new cartoon creation. Therefore a launch by Volkswagen, Ed Hardy clothing, tattoo totem embroidered with the baseball cap is a network of hot collection value. Coming to their collaboration with HE IS GOT THE STYLE;  I have curated four looks for them in two successive blogposts (one of which will be up on the blog soon. Keep watching this space for more updates). Now coming to the first two looks; In the first one; I am wearing a typo artistically printed t-shirt paired with the most casual set of Jeans by the brand. On my feet are my favorite pair of boots which nevertheless fill the void of keeping the look cult. Saving me from the generous heat is my baseball cap on my head and a pair of mercury aviators. Adding punk to the look is a minimal accessories on my hands and the jeans. Secondly, I am wearing a white printed t-shirt layered with a black leather jacket paired with skinny fit black denims. Repeating the same boots, the hat on my head, the knee chief and the pair of sunglasses work as the perfect amount of accessories to make the look even better. Now Ed Hardy has stores all over the world and expanded the brand to not only offer shoes, but clothing, bags, eyewear, watches, belts, bracelets, scarves and hats as well. Known for rocking rhinestones, vivid colors, and awesome images, Ed Hardy has truly created a one of a kind look that is just getting started. Check it out here






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