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SUNDAY BRUNCH with #MyShoeDiaries

Whether it’s a day trip to a neighbouring town or city to visit your favorite restaurant for a Sunday Brunch, this option is likely to see you moving in and outdoors throughout the day, meaning dressing up savvy is paramount to looking and feeling your best. Ensure you’re prepared for every kind of weather. Mumbai summer’s can throw at you by teaming up a light weighted outfit. When it comes to footwear, you’ll want to go for a style that’s both sturdy and comfortable. The Boat Shoe; would be a more casual, laid back option, which would be ideal for a Sunday Brunch across the city. They retain that easy on/off nature of the loafer but can be integrated effortlessly into stripped-back, casual outfits, for those that want to dress down but dress well. Going sockless should not be discounted for both aesthetic and practical reasons although it’s definitely worth arming yourself with necessary accessories for the occasion.

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Hello my lovely people!!! Well, the best part of being a blogger is that you always have an amusing mailbox waiting for you at home very often. After travelling rigorously back and forth to PUNE for a few celebrity styling assignments; I was jumping in joy at my doorstep when I found this beauty by Clarks in my mailbox. Came with it ; a contest call which was soon to be live for Indian Bloggers. They sent me the very suave BLUE CAMOUFLAGE BOAT SHOES and asked me to select two themes merging in a blogpost. Winner gets a lot of privileges ;one of them being a resident blogger for Clarks and a cash prize worth 25000 INR ( I know you guys are smiling by now) Now coming to a brief of the curated for Clarks. This is a collaboration of a Travel in Style theme with a Sunday Brunch touch. To make it easier for you’ll to segregate the looks; I am dealing this post in two paragraphs.

TRAVEL IN STYLE with #MyShoeDiaries

 Initiating with; travelling is something I am never tired of as I am a Wanderlust by nature. But whether it’s by land, air or sea, travelling is a necessary evil. Stylishly combating the challenges such activities present is something worth putting some thought into. After all, nobody wants to be the guy at airport security spending ten minutes putting his shoes back on. Footwear is essential, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. However, when it comes to travelling, getting your choice right is vital. Not only is your shoe selection likely to be worn for several hours ;with the possibility of a fair bit of walking involved , but they also need to be easily slipped both on and off if travelling via plane. With all that in mind, step forth the BOAT SHOE. Perfectly practical, worn with or without socks, the number of differing styles current available means the boat shoe ticks all boxes as the perfect travelling companion. The timeless penny version presents a refined, versatile option for a business trip or smart-casual affair, with them looking  great with a suit just the way I have styled them in the above look.

So here’s a small attempt as to how HE IS GOT THE STYLE would want his next tour followed by a brunch look like in these CLARKS INDIA BOAT SHOES for the #MyShoeDiaries CONTEST.

LOCATION COURTESY: COURTYARD, MARRIOT, MUMBAI. ( courtyardmarriottmumbai.com )

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