Hey guys, AXE celebrates the signature scent of a man with it’s first-ever collection of AXE Signature Body Perfumes. This definitive collection features four invigorating fragrances that bring alive the masculine scents with a blend of oriental spices and sweet woods, and are perfect for all occasions. Available in four zesty variants – Suave, Mysterious, Intense and Rogue, each of these definitive fragrances is a combination of sensual, warm and sophisticated aromas that you will love at first sniff and that will impeccably personify the true scent of a man. It provides its wearer a lively, spicy bouquet with stimulating notes that include green hazelnut, Tonka, Tahitian vanilla, mimosa flower, rosemary and lavender. It’s an evocative but mature construction that’s great for a broad variety of casual activities. With the new AXE Signature Body Perfumes, let your fragrance be your signature scent!

He is got the Style recommends:

Out of all these distinctive yet superb aroma’s I personally loved the Suave. Suave is supposed to be for the charming, confident and elegant man, his sophistication cuts through like a hot knife. It is a classy fragrance with a body as aromatic as floral. It combines the attraction of the Mimosa flower together with cheeky herbaceous and spicy not. The dry out is surprisingly sensual, warm and persistent.


Brownie points for this rich and classy fragrance for having zero cent gas. At a first glare, you will think that it is a deodorant but it is actually a perfume in a deo packaging. The fragrance lasts for nearly 6-7 hours in spite of being a tone milder. So, He is got the Style definitely recommends this bottle filled with blissful aroma.


Tip to all my ladies:

If you want your man to smell all ‘manly’ and sensual, get Suave. Think he shall love it.

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