Who doesn’t love feeling completely comfortable all day long while simultaneously looking stylish? I for one definitely love the comfort and look, and while that concept may have once just been a dream, in today’s modern world it’s a reality. Although there will always be a need for a sharp, tailored suit, sports luxe and athleisure styles are infiltrating and overtaking weekend wardrobes everywhere. With the booming trend of athleisure, a man can now look and feel good at the same time.
It doesn’t matter if you play sports or not, the sports element is pretty much academic. Taking this trend forward this season is one of my favourite UK brands, that is now available in India – Farah Menswear by The Collective. From arresting patterns to new age spin clothing, designer label Farah has it all. The collection includes men’s clothing and accessories and the brand promises you timeless styles at an affordable price, with uncompromised tailoring and comfortable fabrics.

Look 1:
I have paired a blue plaid shirt with navy trousers, a brown belt, tan brown suede shoes and, completed the look with a well fitted metallic blue thermal track jacket by Farah Menswear for the season. If you love going hipster, a more loose-fitted bottom or joggers would even do the trick

Look 2:
Perfect for layering and athletic usage, track jackets are both extremely cool and really useful wardrobe items. I paired a brick red track jacket with navy blue and white shoulder panelling with ivory trousers and blue sneakers.

Look 3:
The extreme tailored jogger is a key athleisure staple and is without doubt, extremely comfy. The perfect athleisure look for me would definitely be this one for the season. I paired Farah Menswear’s matt black sweatshirt with a black turtleneck t-shirt, joggers and, white high tops.
This brand is now exclusively available at Collective India and is slowly becoming my everyday staples. It makes sound economic sense and when styled right makes a man look very sharp.
Are you on board with athleisure? I for one know that this trend is here to stay!

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